Max Dlugy: Tactical Decisions


Think like a Grandmaster!

What is it that separates Grandmasters from club players in tactical situations? You might believe it is knowledge of patterns or the ability to see more moves ahead and this is part of it. The big difference, however, is a different way of thinking.

Have you ever played a move just because it looked good only to discover it didn’t achieve anything? Or analysed a couple of variations and not really been sure which was better so picked one at random? How about playing a move that wins a piece for a pawn only to find out later you could have had that piece for nothing? Maybe you’ve looked at a position knowing that there must be a checkmating combination there but just couldn’t find it.

Don’t worry, these are all typical problems for club players… and now there is a solution!

Grandmaster Max Dlugy – a former World Junior Champion and highly respected chess coach – gives you the advice and techniques you need to reach the highest levels of tactical ability.

After watching this 3 hour comprehensive course in making tactical decisions you will:

  • Know how to ‘decode’ a position to find the strongest moves
  • Understand when to increase the pressure and when to strike
  • Find the strongest move order in tactical play
  • Calculate long and complicated variations accurately
  • Evaluate the end positions from variations properly
  • Find the best defences for your opponent – and ways to still come out on top.

Check out this DVD and learn from a Grandmaster’s experience – saving you hundreds of hours in unnecessary mistakes.