Winning King Pawn Openings for White


Gregory Kaidanov is one of the most experienced and highly regarded chess trainers on the planet today, having earned the IM title in 1987 and the GM title in 1988. In the below chess video excerpt from the Empire Chess DVD ¨Stomping the Italian Opening and Sidelines¨, GM Kaidanov breaks down a very interesting sideline for black against the Evans Gambit where black refuses to accept the gambit and prefers a more solid set-up with 4. …Bb6!? Although this variation does not seem very dangerous, it is an excellent sideline in that black retains strong chances taking white out of preparation and achieving a promising position early in the opening. GM Kaidanov’s style of presentation is impeccable for beginner and intermediate players as he not only demonstrates the correct move orders, he is exceptionally clear when explaining the subtle positional plans behind the moves!