Max Dlugy: Endgame Domination


What do Capablanca, Smyslov, Bobby Fischer, Karpov and Magnus Carlsen  have in common? Well, apart from the small matter of all becoming World Champion they are all  masters of the endgame as well.
Capablanca was known as “the machine” for his unerring accuracy in the endgame.
Bobby Fischer once locked himself in his hotel room, vowing not to appear in public again until he mastered Rook endings. His handling of Bishop endings was legendary too. Magnus Carlsen has become the highest-rated player of all time thanks to his incredible ability to play the endgame better than even other super GMs.
This is not coincidence!
Studying chess endgames has long been the ‘secret’ to getting good – really good. It teaches you the hidden power of the pieces, it teaches you to plan effectively and it teaches you to calculate many moves ahead with great accuracy. In this 3 hour DVD, Grandmaster Maxim Dlugy breaks down all the key components in chess endgame strategy. You will learn how to control key squares, which pieces to prefer, when it will help you to exchange off a pair of Rooks as well as how to provoke weaknesses in your opponent’s position and ensure there are none in yours!
In addition, the correct technique to winning specific endgames is covered including Rook endgames with a passed pawn, Bishop and pawn versus 2 pawns, Bishop versus Knight and Rook versus 2 connected pawns. Essential knowledge for the serious player.
Get this DVD and get some real improvement in your chess!
GM Max Dlugy is a former World Junior Champion and respected chess coach who knows how to communicate deep ideas in a clear manner.