The Modern Morra Gambit: A Dynamic Weapon against the Sicilian


The Dynamic Morra Uncompromising Aggression versus the Sicilian When the first edition appeared more than five years ago, FM Hannes Langrock’s groundbreaking work breathed new life into a gambit that conventional wisdom viewed as no more than a nuisance for Black. A nuisance?! Au contraire! As noted by German grandmaster Karsten Müller, “The Morra Gambit is well-suited for players striving for tactical and uncompromising play, as White’s better development often leads to a dangerous initiative. Furthermore, traditional Sicilian players may be taken by surprise and removed from their main line repertoire.” In this completely revised second edition, the author probes the secrets of this gambit with tactical acuity and strategic objectivity. He concludes that “Most of Black’s defensive systems objectively offer acceptable prospects in a complicated battle. Nevertheless, I can promise that every talented attacking player who studies the Morra Gambit will achieve excellent practical results. The positions that arise are extremely difficult to play, especially if the defender is not familiar with them.”

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