Spring Recess Camp 2023 – Week Pass


APRIL 6-7 & 10-14, 2023

Week Pass

The Chess Camp

Beginner Students will learn the rules of the game, how to move the pieces, chess notation, and other fundamentals.

Intermediate Students will learn opening strategies and formations as well as different traps and checkmate patterns, including the art of sacrifice and attack.

Advanced Students will learn more of the above with increasing complexity, including constructing solid defense.

In a study by Stuart Marguiles Ph.D., it was found that chess play developed analytic skills, self-control, and an increased ability to concentrate. Enhanced reading skills naturally followed. Participants in a scholastic chess program also developed higher levels of self-esteem as they increased their chess competence. These are precisely the tools required to help our students to excel in life.

Kids love us because they have a blast, and parents love us because their children are developing critical cognitive and social skills for both school and everyday life.
Daily lunch and a park/play break are included for Full Day campers only.
• Develop intellect through strategic gameplay
• Improve teamwork and social skills
Respect and Good Sportsmanship are constantly reinforced and encouraged.