Pandolfini’s Endgame Course


Based on master teacher Pandolfini’s private course for his students, this easy-to-use volume explains invaluable “inner circle” concepts and examples in a clear and entertaining format that allows any student with a basic knowledge of chess to enjoy endgame study–while also vastly improving every aspect of his or her chess play. With one endgame example per page and covering every endgame category in order of difficulty, Pandolfini walks the reader through all the basic endgame concepts. Features:square of the pawn critical squares corresponding squares new approaches not mentioned in many of the classic referencesWith a glossary of concepts and black-and-white diagrams throughout, this breakthrough volume is the not-so-secret password to a whole new realm of chess play and entertainment for the average player.Specifications:Author: PandolfiniBook Type: Paperback, 1988Notation: Algebraic NotationPages: 311

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