Max Dlugy: Powerful Positional Play


Are you serious about becoming a strong, perhaps even titled, player? Positional chess understanding is what separates the great from the good.
Imagine you’re in the last round of a major international tournament, half a point behind your opponent. A victory will guarantee 1st place and a $20,000 prize. As you play, everything on the board is clear to you. You play moves restricting your opponent until he can only shuffle his pieces back and forth whilst yours grow ever more powerful. When every piece is ideally placed, you smash open the position, your opponent defenceless. A short while later, he offers his hand in resignation and you know you’ve done it!
This is precisely what happened with GM Maxim Dlugy in the final round of the World Open against another strong GM.
Maxim Dlugy is a Russian Grandmaster, the former World Junior Champion and was rated number 1 in the world at Blitz. With the reduced thinking time in Blitz, his superior understanding of positional chess helped him see in a second what his opponents could not see at all.
In this exclusive 3 hour DVD, GM Dlugy talks you through the powerful positional play in 5 top-level games – four of his own best games and a clash of two legends, Portisch and Gligoric. In his commentary he reveals how to look at the position, how to improve your pieces and how to leave your opponent with no good moves! You will also learn what it means to have a positional advantage and how to keep and increase that advantage right from the opening to the endgame.
Get this DVD and transform your understanding of chess!