Max Dlugy: Defend Like a Super Grandmaster


Defend Like a Super Grandmaster with Maxim Dlugy is an instructional DVD focusing on how to play in difficult and sometimes losing positions. Maxim Dlugy looks at some of the most important games in his career, outlining various techniques in saving bad positions or defending positions where your opponent has the initiative. All the key moments in the games are examined and after watching the video you are ready to save and even win bad positions.


– The Official Course for aspiring ‘Candidate Masters’.
– FM Charlie Storey gives in depth summaries of each DVD’s content.
– 10 relevant practice problems per disc of a structured 10 DVD set.
– PDF and PGN files included free for every DISC.
– Option to contact GM Damian Lemos or FM Charlie Storey for Skype support lessons.


1. Goletiani-Dlugy
2. Defensive Chess (Dlugy-Ehlvest)
3. Defensive Chess (Hjartarson-Dlugy)
4. Defensive Chess (Blatny-Dlugy)
5. Defensive Chess (Stukopin – Dlugy)
6. Defensive Chess (Fedorowicz-Dlugy)