High Quality Magnetic Sets


High-Quality Magnetic chess Set(Small Size) with gold+silver chess piece

Use High-Quality plastic mold makes very nice quality of chess piece and plastic box.

The Travel Chess Set is a fun little set that easily fits in a pocket. It has a snap-closed plastic box with plastic hinges that opens up to a 230mm x 230mm board and 28mm black and white squares. The 3 dimensional pieces stay put with magnetic bases that keep them firmly planted on the board no matter where you travel. The King 50mm tall and all of the pieces are very visible and easy to play with.

The material of chess piece: Plastic ABS+magnet, Without felts on the base of chess pieces.
The material of chess board box: Plastic ABS+metal slip with printing chess board

The size of chess pieces:
King tall 50mm with 16mm base
Queen tall 45mm with 16mm base
Rook tall 30mm with 16mm base
Knight tall 31mm with 16mm base
Bishop tall 39mm with 16mm base
Pawn tall 25mm with 14mm base

Board Dimensions: 234mm X 234mm with 28mm X 28mm square
247mmX124mmX39mm box closed