Getting Lucky: The Education of Mad Poker Player


The follow-up to Diary of a Mad Poker Player, in which Richard Sparks went on a wild roller coaster ride to the World Series of Poker. Now, when the dust clears, he sees one thing above all: his game needs help. So Richard approaches one of the legends of poker, World Champion of Poker Tom McEvoy, who signs on as his personal coach. Soon Richard sets out again into the booming world of poker — armed with a lot more firepower. He sails down to Mexico, on board the Party Poker Million Cruise. He gets up close and personal with famous poker faces, top stars and big money players, old pros and young guns. He discusses the future of poker with the man behind the World Poker Tour. He hears about the bad old days from The King of the Cheats. And he gets into the action at the World Series of Poker, against the biggest names in the game. There are anecdotes, and encounters with some of poker’s unusual characters. There is insight and instruction from McEvoy, as Richard’s game improves rapidly — with spectacular results. And there is plenty of real-life, real-time poker action.