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The brand-new DGT North American clock uses 10 built-in algorithms to give a complete range of timing choices, plus elegant design to satisfy the most demanding chess player. Even multi-period delay settings are easy! Quick-set options permit instant set-up. Manual programming options are fast and intuitive and are automatically stored in memory. Of course our new digital timer is a superb chess clock, but it also times any two-person board game-like go, shogi, checkers, and Scrabble©. All the bells and whistles, together with DGT’s reputation for quality and accuracy! Time options: time, time + guillotine, 2 X + guillotine, time + repeating time, bonus (“Fischer”) options, time + bonus, 2 X time + bonus, bonus single period, bonus tournament. Requires two AA batteries, included. Clock dimensions: 71/2” long X 2” high X 4” deep. * Set delay controls for two or even three time periods! * Quick and easy to set and program! * Choose quick-set options for the 13 most popular controls * Set any control manually, fast! * Turn move counter on and off in any option * Super-easy to correct both time and move count * Sound-alert option warns of time trouble * Signals a low battery * 16 contrast settings adjust for any lighting * 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 1 × 1 in


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