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Celebrating over 30 years of developing after school chess programs in the greater NY area.

All Upcoming New Tri-State Chess Learning Center Tournaments

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Tri-State Chess Championship

@The Learning Center



In addition, the Prize schedule will remain the same with trophies to the top 15 to the 3 lower sections, top 10 to the higher sections and high scorer trophies can be earned with only 1.5 points out of 3. Team Prizes will also remain the same.

The center will continue to offer monthly chess tournaments, after school programs Monday through Thursday from 3-5pm.

The tournaments at the Learning Center will be modeled after our very popular outdoor tournaments at Bryant Park which have typically been drawing an average of 250 players.  The higher sections will continue to have longer time controls.

In addition, while we have a huge playing hall to accommodate all of our players,  We also have a beautiful rooftop terrace where additional players and parents can hang out in between rounds.

As always, over 200 trophies, medals and prizes will be awarded. And everybody goes home with at least a chess medal with the name and date of the tournament engraved on the back.

The New Tri-State Chess Learning Center Tournament Schedule

Tournaments are held at:

351 E 74 St
Epiphany Church

Tournament Start: 1:00pm

Championship @ Learning Center VIII

Sunday October 29th, 2023

Entry Fees:
Before October 23th: $49.00

After October 23th: $59.00

October 29rd 12:00pm: $69.00

At Site: $75.00
Please register in advance if possible, to avoid the additional $20 late fee.

Championship @ Learning Center IX

Sunday November 19th, 2023

Entry Fees:
Before November 13th: $49.00

After November 13th: $59.00

November 19rd 12:00pm: $69.00

At Site: $75.00
Please register in advance if possible, to avoid the additional $20 late fee.

Championship @ Learning Center X

Sunday December 3rd, 2023

Entry Fees:
Before November 27th: $49.00

After November 27th: $59.00

December 3rd 12:00pm: $69.00

At Site: $75.00
Please register in advance if possible, to avoid the additional $20 late fee.

In addition to the large playing hall on the 1st floor of the building, we also have access to most of the building for parents to hang out and for coaches to analyze games with their students. We have dedicated the entire 5th and 6th floors for this, which will allow parents and coaches to relax comfortably while they wait for their kids to finish playing and to rest up in between rounds.

The outdoor rooftop terrace is also available for hanging out when tournament games are not being played there. This includes January, February, March, November and December.

Tournament Details

BEGINNER - Pre K -1 Not Rated, No Clocks

NOVICE - Grades K-2 Under 600 | G/25; d/5

ELEMENTARY - Grades K-6 Under 500 | G/25; d/5

RESERVE - Grades K-8 Under 800 | G/35; d/5

ADVANCED - Grades K-12 Under 1000 | G/40; d/5

CHAMPIONSHIP- K-12 Under 1400 | G/40; d/5

Under 1800 SECTION- $$$ CASH Prizes | G/55; d/5

60% of Entry Fees returned as prizes

4-SS 4 Rounds Per Section, U 1800 3-SS 3 Rounds

Entrants can ‘play up’ into any section.
All Sections Rated By The United States Chess Federation (USCF).

There is no elimination! All players play all rounds.

Time & Location:


  • The New Tri-State Learning Center NYC - Upper East Side.
  • Round one begins at 12:00PM. Rounds 2-4 will begin as soon as the previous round has finished.
  • On site registration: 11:00 - 11:30 AM. Late entrants may not be paired for the first round.
  • TOURNAMENT SITE: Learning Center. 351 E. 74 Street.
  • Church of the Epiphany 1st Floor

This is an indoor tournament.  Masks are optional.


  • Entry Fees:
    $49.00 if received online 6 days before tournament
    $59 thereafter,
    Please register in advance if possible, to avoid the additional $20 late fee.
  • Membership Required: $20.00/yr for the U.S. CHESS FEDERATION (USCF),
  • Send entry and make checks payable to Tri-State Chess: 
    The Chess Exchange, 325 E. 88 St. New York, NY 10128 … Fax (917) 477-2110 Info (212) 289-5997
  • Credit card entries accepted by phone, fax, mail & Online:

Please Bring Chess Clock if you have one. Boards & Pieces supplied.

Trophy Prizes:

  • Trophies to top 15 in the 3 lower sections
  • Trophies to top 10 in the 3 upper sections
  • ENGRAVED CHESS MEDAL TO ALL OTHERS featuring the name and date of the tournament on the back

Team Prizes:

  • Trophies to top 4 Teams in each of the 3 lower sections.
  • Trophies to top 2 Teams in each of the 3 upper sections.
  • The top 2 scorers from the same school in the same section make up the team score.


Due to a large number of players withdrawing at the last moment, we are implementing the following policy. Once the late entry fee goes into effect at midnight, 72 hours before the tournament, no refunds will be provided for any reason to players who need to drop out of the tournament.


Otherwise, our standard refund policy remains the same: Players who drop out of the tournament before the late entry fee goes into effect can have a credit for the full amount of the registration fee to be used towards any future tournament. Players who want the refund to go to their credit card can have the refund minus a $10 registration fee.

Chess Programs

Monthly Chess Tournaments

Tournaments at Bryant Park are divided into 7 sections based upon age and strength.  Players can play "up" into any section.  The top section includes Adults and offers Cash prizes.  Trophies, plaques and medals to all others.

Summer Chess Camps

Providing students chess activities throughout the summer months in the NY area. Contact Us for more details and schedule for next Summer.

Private Chess Lessons

One of the best ways to improve your game is to bring the score of your tournament games to your chess coach & have them analyze the game with you.