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Students are often looking for serious after school instruction, but cannot participate if they don’t attend the school that is hosting the program.

We now have a wonderful solution for this…Chess Max Academy!

Conveniently located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Chess Max Academy offers after school classes taught by famous top level Grandmasters and highly celebrated Chess Coaches, including Grandmaster Dlugy, himself.
Grandmaster Maxim Dlugy is a Former World Junior, World Open and National Open Champion as well as the highest rated blitz player in the world in 1988-1992!

The key element of the program will be to have children compete in a group lessons setting, where small groups of 4-6 kids will be challenged to improve as they are solving problems and playing against each other under the tutelage of famous grandmasters andrenowned teachers.

The following classes will be offered at the Academy:

Jump Starters : $45.00/class
Ages: 4-6 years
Rating: Unrated
Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays
11am and 1pm
45 minutes per class

This is a class where future chess champions will be discovered! Kids get to learn the basics of chess through special games and stories that will help them make learning fun. After graduating, the students will know all the rules and basic chess strategies and tactics. The class culminates with a simultaneous exhibition against a Grandmaster, where the kids will be presented a signed copy of their game with a famous chess player. Price $45.00 per class
Free play time in between the classes.


Challengers: $45.00/class
Ages: 7-9
Rating: 500-1000
Mondays, Thursdays, Friday
12pm and 2pm
45 minutes per

This is a class where kids with knowledge of chess basics are prepared for playing in tournaments. Focus will be on chess notation, using chess clocks, understanding the rules and playing in practice tournament setting. Graduates of this class will be able to participate comfortably in tournaments with different time controls from blitz to classical chess. Free play time in between the classes.

Fighters: $60.00/class
Ages: 7-10
Rating 1000-1500
Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays
10am and 12pm

60 minutes per class

This is a class where kids with tournament experience will be taught openings, strategy and tactics. Focus will be on learning typical strategic positions, plans and tactics in openings of their choice. Students will learn to ask themselves the right questions as they are thinking about their moves. Each participant will have their games analyzed and will be given a folder with study materials assigned for their openings, and areas of weakness. Students will be competing against each other in a variety of problem solving games as well as in head to head combat in blitz and rapid chess. The class culminates with a simultaneous exhibition against a Grandmaster. Free play time in between the classes.

Stars: $60.00/class
Ages: All
Rating: 1500-1900
Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
11am and 1:15
60 minutes per class

This is a class for the advanced tournament players with experience at the National level. Focus will be on tools for self-improvement, study dynamics, correct thought processes, opening preparation, understanding your mistakes and critical thinking. Students will beoffered exercises to improve their strategic and tactical skills and will be competing against each other in various skill related activities for motivation. Blitz play, special games that improve defensive and attacking skills as well as special guest Grandmaster coaches will be featured to broaden their knowledge base. The class culminates with a simultaneous exhibition against a Grandmaster. Free play time in between two classes.

Ages: All
Rating: 1900+
Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
2:30pm and 4:30pm
60 minutes per class

This is a class designed for members of the All-American team or those close to achieving that status. The participants should be in the top 20 in their age group in the United States to participate. Some exceptions may be made based on assessment test results. The class will mirror the famous Botvinnik School of Chess and the Kasparov classes. Students will be taught to critically analyze their own games and present them to the class for peer and coach review. Complex ways of improving decision making such as elimination and prophylactics will be introduced. Students will be taught how to create their own opening systems and how to develop new ideas in the openings. Topics will include learning from the world champions, understanding modern chess theory, how to improve the speed of play at various time controls and many more.
Free play time in between two class

Ages: 7 and up
Rating: 1300 plus
Mondays, Thursdays 6:30pm  $40.00
90 minutes per lecture

There will be GM lectures presented each week on a variety of topics to strengthen particular areas for most tournament players.

USCF Rated Quads, Blitz tournaments, Game of the Week tournament, King of the Hill tournament, Handicapped Blitz, and others. All the details will be announced online.

Come on down to check out NYC’s newest Chess Arena for games and quality instruction.

Hope to see you there.

Mark Kurtzman

President, Tri State Chess.