After School Programs

The after school program is a great way to begin a chess culture at your school with no cost to the school! Tri-State Chess will provide all of the chess equipment; this includes chess boards, sets and the demonstration boards the instructors will use to teach the classes. Class length is typically 90 minutes and is divided into 2 halves. In the first half, the instructor uses the demonstration board to teach ideas and show games. The students are encouraged to participate by asking and answering questions and a point system is established to help engage the students. Students earn points for good sportsmanship, participation and correct answers. During the 2nd half of the class, the students are playing chess with opponents assigned by the instructor. While games are in progress, the instructor will supervise and offer helpful hints and ideas. Points can also be earned during the playing time by using any ideas from the lesson in the actual game. Small tournaments are also organized within the classroom setting. At the end of each semester, trophies are awarded to all participants in the program. Since the parents pay for the program directly and the equipment is provided by Tri-State Chess, there is no cost to the school whatsoever. The school develops a chess team which will represent them at the local, state and National tournaments! Tri-State Chess encourages the students to participate in our monthly scholastic Chess Championship tournaments which are held in different schools in which we have established a chess presence. Team prizes are also awarded to increase the feeling of camaraderie amongst the players.
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