Our After School Program

Celebrating over 30 years of developing after school chess programs in the greater NY area.

Tri-State Chess is proud to continue to offer our exciting after-school chess program for your children.

Students will learn the rules of the game, how to move the pieces, chess notation and other fundamental knowledge to get your kids playing and improving at chess.  Students who already know chess basics will learn tactics, opening ideas and formations as well as different traps and checkmate patterns. 

More advanced students will learn the art of sacrifice and attack as well as a number of defensive motifs.

In a study by Stuart Margulies Ph.D., it was found that chess play developed analytic skills, self-control, and an increased ability to concentrate. Enhanced reading skills naturally followed.  Participants in a scholastic chess program also developed higher levels of self-esteem as they increased their chess competence.  These are precisely the tools required to help our students to excel in life.

No After School Programs are offered at this time.

Advanced Chess Tournament Entries

Register Online and your entry will appear automatically on our Advanced entries page! Players will see in advance which players are competing in a specific tournament & the schools they are from.  

Chess Programs

Monthly Chess Tournaments

Tournaments at Bryant Park are divided into 7 sections based upon age and strength.  Players can play "up" into any section.  The top section includes Adults and offers Cash prizes.  Trophies, plaques and medals to all others.

Summer Chess Camps

Providing students chess activities throughout the summer months in the NY area. Contact Us for more details and schedule for next Summer.

Private Chess Lessons

One of the best ways to improve your game is to bring the score of your tournament games to your chess coach & have them analyze the game with you.